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Why ANGA ?

In line with the vision of its General Manager and the strategic orientations validated by its Member States, notably through resolutions of its Committee of Ministers and its Board of Directors, the Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation in Africa (ASECNA) is committed to developing solutions likely to significantly improve the safety and efficiency of flights in the African airspace. It is within this framework that it has chosen to deploy satellite-based augmentation services and specifically the provision of Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) services in Africa.
SBAS services have the capacity to increase the positioning performance provided by existing applications, such as GPS or GALILEO. With SBAS, there is more accuracy. The integrity, availability and continuity of services are improved. The SBAS services provided by ASECNA help to strengthen air navigation operations and improve the safety and efficiency of flights in the AFI region (Africa and Indian Ocean) airspace, while reducing their environmental impact. They contributed to strengthening and expanding the agency's position as a provider of high value-added services within the value chain.
To accelerate the development of these innovative services, ASECNA has set up a flagship programme initially called "SBAS for Africa and the Indian Ocean" or "A-SBAS". This programme is recognised by ICAO in its Appendix 10, for the autonomous and progressive provision of operational services from 2025 onwards, in the AFI region and for the benefit of the whole continent.
From now on, the "SBAS for Africa and the Indian Ocean" initiative will be known as Augmented NaviGation for Africa (ANGA). This acronym means "sky" in Swahili, one of the most widely used languages in Africa and now the official language of the African Union. This choice confirms the political will of ASECNA's leaders to provide the continent with a navigation solution for Africa and by Africa.
The ANGA programme, which aims at unifying the African sky, is also a key catalyst for the Single Aviation Market and more so for the implementation of the African Union's Space Policy.

Our Vision

Unify the African sky through a clean satellite solution that improves the safety and efficiency of air navigation for the benefit of the entire continent.

Missions and Objectives

Progressively provide SBAS services in three main stages, namely:

Provision of a pre-operational service (conducting technical trials and operational demonstrations in West and Central Africa) from 2020.
Switch to next generation technologies (Dual Frequency Multi-Constellation Services, called DFMC and corresponding to the optimised SBAS technology, beyond 2028/2030.
Operationalisation of services (single-frequency type services, called L1 and corresponding to the current SBAS technology) from 2025.

Our values

The following four values guide the ANGA initiative

Africa united around an ideal: One Sky for Africa.
Multi-sectoral technological innovations for African performance at international standards.
An Africa in phase with the global normative and regulatory environment
An Africa that shines, through its harmonious development and in strict respect of the environment.

Our team

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