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In line with the vision of its General Manager and the strategic orientations validated by its Member States, notably through resolutions of its Committee of Ministers and its Board of Directors, the Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation in Africa (ASECNA) is committed to developing solutions likely to significantly improve the safety and efficiency of flights in the African airspace. It is within this framework that it has chosen to deploy satellite-based augmentation services and specifically the provision of Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) services in Africa.

Our services

The main objective of the A-SBAS system is to provide the following services:

Summary of our services

Safety of Life (SoL) service: a service providing positioning information to users for whom safety is essential. This service meets the availability, continuity and accuracy requirements, and includes an integrity function to warn the user in the event of a malfunction, and a non-availability alert function (NOTAM bulletin).

In addition, the « SoL » service includes different types of services.

The Open Service (OS): a service that provides positioning and synchronisation information, intended for mass applications in a given coverage area
The A-SBAS Data Access Service (« SDAS »): a service that provides access to system data (raw measurements, broadcast messages, system operating parameters, etc.) for users or service providers connected to a system data server.
A-SBAS demonstration service is also provided by the A-SBAS programme.


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Press release on May 18, 2020

Press release on May 18, 2020

Thales Alenia Space and ASECNA confirm their unique expertise in the development and operation of complex satellite navigation systems
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